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We are a remnant who are…

Consumed by the Fire

Led by God’s Voice

Manifested in Worship

Delivered through Fasting and Prayer

Overcomers by Faith in the Word of God

Living Testimonies of God’s Grace

Living Proof of what has been announced in the Heavens.

…For Such A Time


Our mission is to Heal, Deliver, Teach and Apply


Through Healing the individual will operate holistically and not under the influence of pain, hurt and trauma.

Through Deliverance the individual will not be bound by any physical or spiritual forces which will hinder the dwelling of the Holy Spirit and the movement of God through the individual’s life.

Through Teaching the individual will attain clarity, wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order to properly interpret and discern what is true and false.

Through Application the individual is putting their healing, freedom and all that they have learned into action in all areas of their lives.


Our sole purpose is to EDUCATE and TRAIN the people to operate effectively in the Five-Fold individually and collectively as one Body. Equipping them for their journey and/or ministry.
We desire, through WORSHIP, PRAYER, DELIVERANCE, the STUDY and APPLICATION of GOD’s word, that chains are broken which will enable you to BE who God has predestined you to be. Our Goal is to manifest Effective and Efficient ambassadors, of all Nations.

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